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  • Alenk Town

    Alenk Town is a small town located at the terminus of the Lower Alenka River. It stands on a bluff overlooking the river. The population is about 200. The vast majority are humans, but there is a sprinkling of other races. There isn't much crime, despite …

  • Allence (New)

    Though the [[Arcane Tower | Arcane Tower]] has existed at the current location of New Allence for centuries, the town of New Allence which has grown up around it has only existed since the orcs poured down out of the Frozen Wastes forty years ago. Narah d …

  • Arcane Tower

    The Arcane Tower has been the foremost center of arcane training in the Kingdom of Kassht for centuries. The Tower stands on one of the two hills in the middle of what is now New Allence. The hill on which the Tower stands contains a deposit of mage stone …

  • Barkel's Rest

    Located on the King's Road between New Allence and Kassht the City, Barkel's Rest is the border between the Northern March and the Core Lands.

  • Elven Wilds

    The forest where the majority of the continent's elves live is called the Elven Wilds. The forest runs from the southern foothils of the Teeth to the northern banks of the Dejerka Creek (not on the map, but it runs from the mountains northeast of Endily …

  • Lesher

    The second-largest city in the Northern March, Lesher is a bustling coastal town.

  • Northern March

    A division of the Kingdom of Kassht that once referred to all of the lands Kassht claimed north of Arkhym's Teeth. After the orcish invasion forced the Kasshtites south of the Teeth, the king reorganized the kingdom, carving off some of the Core Lands to …

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